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Klok is a program that shows your time entries as blocks that fill up your days
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Klok is a time-planning application, which was designed to help users manage their time, projects, and relations with their clients, as well as also track their own activity in order to help improve their own management.

A nice interface will show your daily projects in the form of blocks that fill up with the events that you plan for the current day and the projects in your schedule that are being accomplished. One of the program's most appreciable features is time tracking, which is automatically activated after you have entered new projects. You may choose the “work on” option for a project that you intend to track, or you may drag the project’s name into a box named “drop here to work on.” Afterward, a timer will appear and display the time still available for the project. Then, in the "Week View" section, you may set or change properties, such as specific colors for every project, project name, contact name, and contact details in order to make all these details more noticeable.

Klok further allows you to set your preferences with respect to where you would like to store your data, in which formats you like your sheduled events to be displayed and others. The Dashboard reporting system indicates how much time you used on billable projects or non-billable ones, and it also calcullates if your billable work time has been increasing or decreasing over the past month.

To conclude with, Klok proves to be an efficient instrument for saving relevant information about your work time, as well as act appropriately toward improving your skills for time and project management.

Josephine Seaman
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  • Klok allows you to set up your clients, projects and tasks
  • The tracking system helps track yourself in time
  • With Klock you can automatically connect to your calendar and import your meetings


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